Mar 5, 2006
16th : happy ending

hmmm....this yr tahun anjing ikut kalendar cine.....and predicted that it is not really a good yr to doggie....that's mean me n my batch of frens (1982 batch)....starting kind of rough many things happened....mostly unhappy things....but i guess things are started to work out....very unpredictable things has happened and i'm soooo hepi...!

story 1 : ojah finally dpt ape yg diimpikan.....dia target tmpt tu and she got it....mmg sedey she has to go, but this changes is for the best....gumbira sgt utk dia....but after this sure rase lost sket...

story 2 : zuzu cam dah stable sket bile breakfast together semalam....pun gembira utk dia gak dia jumpe sumthing utk takde la dia down sgt.....glad things are slowly going well for her....

story 3 : o was PGL???? great! two thumbs up.....

story 4 : last but not least...a lil update abt me....finally i got my happy ending....and harapnye happy tu berterusan sampai bile2.....

to you (you know who you are..) : i'm glad u haf the guts to approach me....coz if not, we'll be two lost souls searching for each other to fill up the empty space......hepi to be wit u =)

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