Mar 9, 2006
17th : c a n t s l e e p

hmmmmm.....ya speechless gile bab.........feels like writing whole lotsa things but dunno where to start........i'm sleepy, i'm tired....but i cant help it when my mind + my body triggered an adrenaline rush........i'm happy

known each other fer almost 10 yrs......and i think i've known the BEST of him and also the WORST of him........once i said to myself; i'll be in a relationship if only i can accept his flaws............b4 this, i used to consider myself mcm Chandler (dlm FRIENDS) kelaka....haha.......commitment freak? byk songeh? tah hape2 la.....

ya ALLAH...serius tak tau cemana nak deliver my has been a wonderful one week.......and i know there'll be wonderful days ahead..........bulan 8 would be such a special mth fer us......and i dunno why, but i think i'm ready to step up to another level..........

Sophie Zelmani - It's Always You

If it wasn't the ocean
Wasn't the breezes
Wasn't the white sand
There might be no need

If I could sleep through the cool nights
If I could breathe and eat right
If I had worked all summer
Maybe I wouldn't feel so humble

Oh you, it's always you
It's always you

If red roses weren't so lovely
If wine didn't taste so good
If stars weren't so romantic
Then I could do what I should

Oh you, it's always you
It's always you

If your love I could command it
Get your head to understand it
I'd go twice around the world
E ven though I wouldn't find it


Posted at 03:59 am by sereez

March 18, 2006   05:50 AM PST
Sri... All the best to you...
(been reading your blog recently...)

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